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Manicure - dare men!

Posted by Ulrike Clormann on
Manniküre - Männer traut Euch!

Men and nail polish go together? Necessarily!

It doesn't matter whether it's New York, Paris or L.A. - if you zoom in a little closer to the photos of red carpets, you will always see exactly this one detail on the fingertips of male actors, rappers, singers or other style icons: brightly painted fingernails. Yes, you read that right, brightly colored with asterisks or smileys is en vogue. Everything can - nothing must!

Unlike 30 or 40 years ago, when Kurt Cobain or David Bowie used nail polish as a stylistic device to stand out from the crowd, colorful finger paints have now arrived in the middle of the mainstream.

Harry Styles hasn't appeared without rainbow-colored nails for months, and rapper Machine Gun Kelly has also discovered colorful nail polish alongside his love of jewelry and Megan Fox. It feels like he gets his nails redone for every Instagram photo.

Cult Car Colors makes no distinction between nail polish for women and that for men. That's why dear men don't just reach for black or gray but let yourself be inspired by our whole variety of colors. Life is colourful!



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