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It's not about speed - it's about colors
Look hot and drive air-cooled!
It's all about diversity. Your life - your rules!
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Posted by Ulrike on
Über uns

Painted Love!

Cult Car Colors tell a story: With the legendary colors of the most famous historical sports cars, an attitude towards life comes from the street to the beauty shelf. The desire for adventure and freedom, for individuality and the feeling of happiness when curve hugs curve and the wind blows in your face.

We at Cult Car Colors are roadster fans ourselves and have a particular soft spot for air-cooled sports cars. Whether in Bahama yellow, arena red or Adriatic blue - the main thing is colourful! This personal passion gave us the idea for Cult Car Colors - to offer nail polish in iconic sports car colors and exclusive gift packaging with details typical of classics - produced in Germany, made from 80% vegetable or mineral ingredients, 14-free and of course free of microplastics and animal components. Legends never die - with Cult Car Colors they are more alive than ever.


The history of nail polish encouraged us in our idea. Because car paint and nail polish are still inextricably linked to this day - but very few people know that. Nail polish as we know it today originally came from car paint. Because only with the development of new color pigments, which made a larger color spectrum possible, was a colour-intensive, opaque nail polish that could be applied without streaks possible.

Back to the roots!

Around 100 years later, with Cult Car Colors, we want to bring the cult colors of yesteryear back onto the road - "back to the roads". We are reviving nail polish in its most original form and are launching a revival of the most iconic sports car colors from back then under the “Cult Car Colors” brand.

cult colors

We consciously use a color range that has its origins in the automotive industry and can therefore look back on a long history.
The first collection includes 20 different shades. Behind each of our distinctive nuances there is a story that wants to be told: How about a trip to the 70s and a signal orange? The "fashion gray" ensures elegant appearances - perhaps even in combination with Ferry Porsche's favorite color, an "Irish green". Our nail polish is based on the colors of that time, but not on their recipe.

Our standards are high!

We deliberately created a paint under the Cult Car Colors brand that is based on a bio source. Up to 80% vegetable or mineral components ensure the best tolerability. Our paint is free of microplastics and also contains no animal ingredients.

Be 14-free

In addition, our nail polish is 14-free. This means we have dispensed with the 14 most commonly used harmful ingredients commonly found in nail polish.

Best Performance

And yet our paint impresses with its perfect performance. It is odorless, can be applied without leaving streaks and dries best when air-cooled.
Are you still painting or are you already painting? We think the nail polish creations from Cult Car Colors should not be missing in any glove compartment.
It's not about speed - it's about colors!



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