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How does nail polish last longer?

Posted by Laura Marie on
Wie hält Nagellack länger?

The most important tip: take time for yourself and your manicure!

It takes more than five minutes for your painted nails to look great and for the paint to last long. Each layer must dry sufficiently. The more thin coats you apply in different directions, the longer the polish should last.

Our 4 tips for a perfect result:

1. Must be fat-free

Clean the nails first, because the nail polish will last longer if the nails are grease-free. We recommend using a gentle nail polish remover.

2. Less is more

The paint should usually be applied in two thin coats of paint. The drying time is also important here. This can take up to 15 minutes per shift.

3. Lane change allowed

If you follow this rule you will love the result. We recommend that you apply the varnish vertically to the nail during the first varnishing process. After the polish has had enough time to dry, you should apply the second coat horizontally. This works wonders, especially for heavily used nails on the thumb and forefinger.

4. Rock'n'Roll

Since our nail polish does not contain any stabilizers, you should turn your nail polish bottle between your palms from time to time so that the ingredients can combine again. After that, it's much easier to paint again.



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